Finding Time

Self care. What does that look like to you? This week has been crazy so far. But so so good.

Monday after work I met Molly for a drink (and a half) near Downtown Crossing. We went to a random place we found which had generous pours of wine (winning!!) We could have gone to a dump and I wouldn't have cared, I just wanted to see Molls. We had a great time and her bf joined half way. Having a friend here and knowing Molly will be here
eventually makes me smile. Dinner that night was a boatload of crackers, some cheese and nuts and a peach on the train home. Cabot cheese of course because they sell it presliced now!! Thank you Cabot!!! Wasn't feeling super great after not eating many fruits or vegetables that day but it happens. Wasn't about to eat at 8pm when I got home and go to bed at 8:30.

Tuesday was another meet up after work. I met Sierra and my new roommate. We got dinner at 4:30 at Tatte Bakery, one of my new favorite places. The menu is superb and I adore the atmosphere. I got the eggplant, pesto, and feta panini on a ciabatta roll. It was gigantic and amazing. Dinner at 4:30 beats being hangry on a long commute and then eating late at 8pm. When I got home I felt energized for a two mile run before bed! If that isn't balance idk what is.

Today I left work a little later but the traffic wasn't bad. I had a big dinner of leftover spring roll bowls (can't get enough peanut sauce). I'm gone this weekend and have too much food to eat. Won't make that mistake again. But I also had some of my Milka chocolate bar because I wanted something sweet.

Tonight I asked myself what I needed for self care. Do I want to exercise? No. Do I want to run errands? No. Do I want to eat a homecooked meal, veg out with Netflix and paint my nails? Yes. The chocolate was an added bonus.

I've had bad cravings lately. I blame less sleep, a crazy schedule and less time for me. It's okay. Portions of chocolate here and there, going out to eat, having wine and then a whole lot of crackers is not going to kill me or tip the scale. This is right now. Yes meal planning and having fruit and veggies will help me stay fueled and feeling energized for work. But that doesn't me I have to eliminate chocolate or crackers or restrict myself. All foods can fit in a healthy lifestyle.