Beach 2 Beacon

I was lucky enough to get an entry to Beach to Beacon through my sister's friend Happy Fit Mama. She had a bib through Cabot and I was more than excited to accept. I did a 1-week exploratory rotation with Cabot during my dietetic internship. I am also a die hard fan of their cheese and their mission. Coops and local farms are my jam. I will always support Cabot even though I've moved to Massachusetts. Huge thank you and shoutout to Cabot for the entry! It's a race I will definitely be back to.

So Friday after work I caught a bus from Boston to Portsmouth to meet my sister. After a few trains and a bus I hopped into Julie's car for the ride to Portland. We got Panera sandwiches and plugged in a podcast (Ali On The Run). I got a turkey, avocado BLT.

We were staying with one of my best friends and her family in Cape Elizabeth. Lucky for us we didn't hit any traffic! We got to Colleen's house and spent a few hours catching up and talking about the race since we were all running. We also picked out our race outfits. My choice was easy...#willrunforcheddar duh. I tried getting Julie to wear it too!

Saturday morning we woke up at 6am and changed. I had two slices of peanut butter toast because you don't want to see me wait until late morning to eat something...I woke up hungry and prefer to run with some fuel in my belly. Carbohydrates and some protein every time.

We walked to the busses which dropped us off at the start. When I saw there was coffee I was overjoyed. Just what I needed for a little pick me up! Then we hopped in the portolet line (yes, that is equivalent to portajohn).

Colleen and I started at the 9:30 pace as that was Colleen's goal. I was running with Colleen to prove to myself I can still run even though my hip is still bothering me and my schedule is challenging. I also had been looking forward to the time to catch up with her! We haven't seen each other in a while.

The race was SO much fun. I talked the whole way, probably annoying Colleen. And took some great pictures. This was the twentieth anniversary so there was music all along the race. I loved that the crowd of runners never really thinned out so you were never alone. This kept me going. The spectators were also in abundance but Colleen was often telling them to make some noise (she's the best spectator!)

We got to the lighthouse and neared the end. I was so proud of Colleen and overjoyed to have spent the time with her even if just a quick night and a race. It was so much fun and I definitely want to race it in the future. Cape Elizabeth is gorgeous and the people (particularly Colleen's family and friends are so nice).

After the race we picked up as much free stuff as possible. I got chocolate milk, granola bars, trail mix, watermelon, sunglasses, blueberry soda (!), more sunglasses, a towel, and probably more! Oh they also had blueberries! You know I loved that!

Colleen's family had some friends over for appetizers and mimosas after the race. I'll run for mimosas almost as fast as I'll run for wine.

Julie and I hit the road to see our parents in central Maine. It's a quick overnight trip for our birthday weekend but worth it. The day has been spent snacking, catching up over wine, eating salmon (my favorite), eating blueberry galette with coconut ice cream (so good and all gone) and cuddling with dogs. That's a perfect day if you ask me.

I miss my friends and family. Moving has been a challenge for me. I love my job but I miss my people. Here's to a weekend of fun runs, being with my people (both family and friends) and delicious birthday food.