Birthdays: A Dietitian's Perspective

I always wish people a delicious day on their birthday. It's a day to savor life and everything that brings you joy. For me that often includes all the delicious food and wine. And I'm a twin so it often means being with the other half.

Saturday started the birthday shenanigans. We got to Maine around 3 pm and snacked on chips and salsa while catching up with our parents. Then we sipped on wine and casually opened presents.

Dinner we requested to be salmon. I love salmon. We also had corn on the cob (another favorite) and rice pilaf. I made a Greek yogurt, dill, parsley and garlic sauce for the salmon. Delicious!! I had extra salmon of course.

We were going to get ice cream on the lake but the skies opened up and dumped buckets! So mom made a blueberry galette that we topped with coconut ice cream. Delicious. After dinner Dad toasted us with maple dessert wine and we spent more time talking.

In the morning I woke up early (used to that 4:30 alarm now) and decided to make Greek yogurt blueberry pancakes. I love pancakes but hate feeling hungry two hours later because of the lack of protein so I try to add yogurt and always top with peanut butter (and maple syrup). Also if you hate soggy pancakes keep the cooked ones in the oven at a low temp.

Mom and I adventures to the farmers market to pick up a few things. I found a chèvre coated in herbs de Provence and had to get it. Thanks mom! We also unwound with some yoga. Trying to get into yoga more now that the race is over.

I made a pre lunch snack since my stomach was growling and Julie went for a run. Who knew how long she'd be gone for. Something I need to mention here is just because you eat the same thing (pancakes) at the same time as other people does not mean that you will be hungry for the next meal or snack at the same time. I was hungry at 11:30. Doesn't mean I'm weird or something is wrong. Maybe my body metabolized my breakfast quicker. It's just your body talking to you. Listen to and honor your hunger. Anywho I made baguette slices topped with goat cheese and cherry tomatoes. Delicious! And then we cooked sausages and veggies on the grill.

We did a quick family hike and got our beloved Gifford ice cream before saying goodbye. The trip was wonderful but way too quick.

Julie and I got to Portsmouth and Greg had rotisserie chicken, couscous, and kale salad for us. I massaged the kale with creamy dressing and threw it all in a bowl. I wasn't super hungry but it felt good to have some nutritious food after a big bowl of ice cream. Julie and I toasted with champagne and some liquor from Iceland.

The next morning (my actual birthday) I got up at 4:15 to catch a 5am bus to Boston. I didn't sleep well but my mood changed when the bus stopped in the North End shortening my commute. Happy birthday to me.

I worked and all of my coworkers wished me a happy birthday. Definitely don't mind working on my birthday when I really like where I work and who I work with. AND my coworker made me a blueberry pie from scratch. It was gorgeous and also absolutely delicious. I couldn't put into words how much it meant to me. I even brought the leftovers home because it was that good and I would never let blueberry pie go to waste.

After work I scurried across town with all my weekend bags (and got lost once) to meet Christine for dinner. One of my coworkers recommended Barcelona a tapas and wine bar in Back Bay. It was a gorgeous place with excellent wine, food and service. I will be back.

Christine and I had a lot to celebrate. For her moving to Boston and starting a new job and for me being one year older (and hopefully wiser). We started with a flight of three wines which the waiter chose for me based on my likes. He did a fantastic job!

We then order a trip of charcuterie. Hello chorizo, goat cheese, and gooey bread! We also got two tapas: croquettes (fried potato balls-a favorite from living in Spain) and albóndigas (meatballs).

As you can see we had zero fruits or vegetables...unless wine counts. For me I can get my fruits and vegetables other days. I almost ordered the street corn but croquettes hold a place in my heart. I'll go heavy on the nutrient dense food today and save my birthday for special indulgences. Barcelona is a place to save for special occasions. I had the best time. Thank you Christine!!! I can't wait to meet you for more drinks and dinner (and maybe we should balance it out with exercise classes) now that we both live in Boston.

I am so lucky. To have a job I enjoy. To have coworkers i admire and appreciate. To have a roof over my head. To have a loving family. To have supportive, kind, and caring friends. And to have another year to look forward to all of this.