A day in the life: day off

I worked my first weekend this past weekend. It was challenging but just what I needed to boost the confidence. Every day gets a little bit better as long as I believe in my knowledge and training. Every day it still feels surreal.

I tried sleeping in this morning, but two glasses of wine last night meant I was a little more restless. I was up at 6:45 but that is definitely sleeping in for me. I couldn't decide what to have for breakfast. I've been wanting to get on the egg, avocado toast bandwagon (I tend to eat that for lunch) but really wanted my peanut butter. I didn't have milk so oatmeal was out of the question. Toast it was! One slice with pbj and the other with Greek yogurt and jam. My mom makes the best jam.

While eating breakfast I watched an episode of the Tudors. I've been switching off between the Tudors and the Ozarks lately. Sometimes I "watch" while I'm working on other things which I need to stop doing.

The next task was doing laundry and organizing the basement. All of my apartment stuff is down there. My dad wanted me to make a new pile of what I'm bringing with me. I'm going from living alone to living with a roommate so I definitely don't need everything. This task was rewarding because I feel lighter and more organized! I also found some nutrition journals that I skimmed for relevant articles.

Time to read my book! I'm reading The Boys in the Boat and loving it. It's a pre-world war II novel and the story/writing is great.

I ate lunch before my hair appointment and some errands. It was leftover chicken, brown rice, and vegetables. Tasty but by day four I'm getting bored of the same meal.

I went to a place "downtown" to get my hair cut. It's a small town hence the quotation marks. I explained my dilemma of showering at night and having terrible hair in the morning. She recommended sleeping with my hair in twists or buns and using a product to subtly style it. I'll try anything. So of course I was a sucker and purchased the product. I also took a few inches off. She was done so quickly. I guess it feels quick when I've been going to teaching places for so so long now...

Then it was off to Target, where I spend most days off. I went for sunglasses because my previous pair broke. I left with a rug, a mirror, a few frames, and bobby pins.

Once I got home I made a smoothie to sip on and read my book until falling asleep. The clouds took over and I love naps on days off. My body feels very tired and I'm just trying to listen to it.

I read for a little bit after drinking the above beauty but I quickly fell asleep. I napped hard for about an hour and it's just what my body needed.

I finished my laundry, changed the sheets in my bed, semi-vacuumed (mostly the kitchen) and did a half hour yoga video. I feel like I should have exercised more today in the sense of gone for a run or did a longer yoga video. Running feels almost impossible these days because I'm so tired and it's muggy and hot. I'm trying to be gentle and increase the amount of yoga in my life. Lately it's been hardly any exercise so now it's slowly increasing how often. I know things will get easier and I won't be so tired or unmotivated forever. But it is a daily struggle. I enjoy my walks in the afternoon and I try to be active during the day (like taking the stairs whenever I can). Little things add up. And if you feel tired on your days off and you frequently fall asleep. Your body is telling you something. I'm trying to listen without judging myself.

Anyways then I made pizza! Whole wheat dough, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, bell peppers, and an egg. I ate the rest of the peppers that didn't fit on the pizza...aka a lot because I always buy extra veggies. It turned out amazing! However the first egg cracked on the floor. Fail. But this was delicious!! The cornmeal I added to the crust added a delicious crunch.

Now I'm finishing an episode of The Tudors before showering and reading in bed. Tomorrow is a new day. And I'm taking with me the motto of my yoga video: accept where you are without judgement. I am still adjusting and still learning. I am a work in progress. Gentle movement. Gentle words.