Twincation: Don't Compare

Wrapping up a great weekend at my sister's in Portsmouth. I got here Friday around six. Julie was out running so I opened a bottle of wine and chatted with Greg while he got to work making sushi. I'm spoiled I know.

Don't compare yourself to others. Julie is training for a marathon and basically lives and breathes running. She also has a five minute commute. My days are very different and I usually get home exhausted and find that exercising would bring me more stress both physically and mentally. Just because Julie was running doesn't mean I should be running. Or just because Julie ran doesn't mean I should eat less at dinner.

Dinner and wine was fantastic. I bought a bottle of red and Greg made spiny tuna rolls. I haven't had sushi in forever so I went to town. Overshot my hunger a bit but that's a-okay. Being in social situations, drinking wine, and eating a delicious food can cause that to happen. It's normal.

We watched Lion while eating dinner and I can't recommend it enough. It's so heartfelt! Julie and I cried at the end. I could easily watch it again. Then we went to bed before 10pm.

Saturday I woke up first around 7am and read for a little bit. I am reading Body Kindness and it's really inspirational. Eventually I made the twin and I avocado toast with a poached egg. I put some jam on the side with the egg. Try it.

After that Julie and I went for a run. I felt like a winner getting Julie to eat something before running! Fuel!! I ran three miles with Lyla and struggled. I haven't ran in two weeks simply because I don't look forward to it. This week I did yoga three days (I do half hour videos from YouTube) before bed. It's just what I need since I can be a ball of stress most days. Anyways the run was hard. Julie dropped me and the dog off and did a few more.

Don't compare. Sure I came home to shower, read and take a nap while Julie ran another 4 miles and made pickles. My body clearly needed different things. If running isn't enjoyable to me why would I do more of it? If my body needs sleep why would I deny it?

My mom arrive around eleven and we came up with a plan for the day, first stop wine tasting. We went to Flag Hill winery and it's gorgeous! We got there just before the tour which was very interesting.

The fun facts that I loved were:

  1. The rose is made from black grapes which aren't pressed, they just sit in the press.
  2. The pigs on the land are there to eliminate waste from whiskey making.
  3. The vodka is made from apples which have a similar profile to butter (we tried it...I didn't taste butter) and smooth texture. Therefore they don't need to add glycerin like most other vodkas to get the smooth mouthfeel. I loved this. Why don't more people do this?! Less additives for the win.
  4. Some people think Niagara grapes taste like diesel fuel similar to how some people think cilantro tastes like soap. This is also the grape used to make Welch's.

After the tour we took some pictures, signed up for Brunch and Bubbles for my mom's birthday, and did a tasting. My favorites were the rose and a white fruity wine that was delicious. I'm usually a fan of red wine but the white and fruit wines stole the show for sure. We each left with two bottles.

After this we were starving so we drove to downtown Portsmouth for Thai food, we went to The Green Elephant. I've been dying to go. We got a bottle of white wine to share and some appetizers to start. Roasted Brussels sprouts that changed my life and dumplings. For my entree I ordered the assorted vegetables with peanut sauce. I will do anything for peanut sauce. I love how well rounded this meal was. It came with brown rice (!), lots of steamed vegetables (!), steamed tofu (!), and such a delicious peanut sauce (!). I almost licked my plate. Mom got the pad Thai, a classic, and Julie got the mango curry.

After lunch mom and I did some shopping since she starts school next week and I always have to look nice (that's Boston). I also love getting dressed up. I needed tops so I bought three, one lace which I love, and two necklaces. Mom bought two shirts and a sweater once I convinced her. It wasn't the most successful shopping day but we had fun. Julie didn't come because she doesn't wear nice clothes to work and had to take Lyla for a walk.

Unfortunately then mom had to leave to get back to Maine. Julie and I sipped some wine (how did we need more- I probably didn't since I barely drank water all day) and made pizza. We put two eggs on one because Julie wanted to try. They weren't cooking so I told Julie to broil the pizza. Turns out she has never realized that her broiler is her bottom drawer. Well I taught her and now she knows. And the pizza finally cooked. I had my fair share. Homemade pizza is one of my favorite meals.

We watched a random Netflix show called White Gold with Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl (adore him) and fell asleep at 9pm. Greg was shocked...I passed out. Day drinking is rough. Ruger was tired too and tried so hard to cuddle me on the couch.

It's been a weekend full of eating and drinking. Julie is currently out doing her long run for marathon training (probably like 9 miles). She got up at 5:30. I'm still in bed and it's after seven. I feel like I should go for a run. I feel like my body isn't myself lately. I haven't had as much time to exercise or move my body. And my favorite pastime continues to be going to new restaurants, trying new recipes and exploring vineyards/breweries. Body kindness, Megan. Don't compare and don't judge yourself.

On another note, it's been a weekend full of family. I feel so grateful to live closer and to be able to have these adventures with my family. It's refreshing and comforting. I love my family to pieces. I see my mom next weekend but have to wait a few weeks for my dad to come home. I'm looking forward to it though.

The book I mention throughout this post is Body Kindness by Rebecca Scritchfield. It's life changing and the author's voice is so warm and inviting!