My Favorite Foods

While reading Body Kindness I came across an activity to write down your favorite foods. Without judgement. You're allowed to like what you like and dislike what you dislike. Preach.

And being a dietitian does not make me perfect. Sometime (more frequently lately than I care to admit) I overeat. It could be because:

  1. I'm with friends.
  2. I'm eating something delicious.
  3. I'm eating something comforting that reminds me of home.
  4. I'm not listening to my hunger cues.
  5. I'm eating too fast.

Whatever the reason it happens. And it's normal. It doesn't mean you have to exercise extra hard the next day or restrict what you eat. My friend once said "isn't metabolism great." And it is. Sure I feel better when I listen to my hunger and satiety, but it's a work in progress. And as seen above, things happen in life!

Food is so much more than just fuel for your body in the form of macro- and micronutrients. Food is cultural. Food is social. Food is comforting. Food is pleasurable. Food is {insert adjective of choice}.

That being said these are my favorite foods...

PIZZA: It's basically cheese and bread. Throw on some veggies and pesto and I'll basically marry you. I love pizza, especially homemade pizza. This past week I made homemade pizza twice and had takeout once. And yes I overshot my hunger with 3 big slices but I'm the moment it was oh so delicious.

PEANUT BUTTER: I have always loved this nut butter. I've tried others and they don't live up to the classic peanutty spread. I used to eat it with everything. Nowadays I tend to enjoy it every day for breakfast either on oatmeal, toast, or pancakes. Or peanut sauce. Anything with peanut sauce.

BLUEBERRIES: If you go picking with me prepare to be amazed. I pick a lot and they'll all be gone within a week. Blueberry is my middle name...jk. Throw it in a pie and that's perfection. Although I tend to just eat them raw.

SALMON: The best fish in my opinion. Maybe it's the higher fat content but oh boy I love this fish. If you take me to dinner and this is on the menu that's what I'm getting. Sorry not sorry.

FALAFEL: I'm starting to see a theme and wonder if my favorite foods are all favorites because of fat content. Anyways falafel and all that come with it is a fav-pita, veggies, tahini. Must go back to Boston Public Market...

DONUTS: But only cakey donuts, preferably made from potatoes...and sold at The Holy Donut. That being said there are some donut shops in Boston I can't wait to try.

CARROTS: I used to always have colorful carrots from my farm in the fridge (no I don't own a farm just referring to my CSA). Now it's mostly baby carrots for convenience.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS: Roast these babies in some oil. I can't have a lot because they're gas producing vegetables (TMI?) but I enjoy them when I do.

MUSHROOMS: Sautéed or basically in anything. Can't wait to try adding pulsed mushrooms to burgers. I always buy mushrooms. I hope that means I have a decent vitamin D level.

I enjoy most foods. These are just a few favorites. But honestly the only food I won't eat is cottage cheese. It's the texture. I cannot. I used to be such a picky eater. Oh how my taste buds have changed.