From Burlington to Boston

Counting down the days to the big move. T minus 12 days. But so far while waiting for the move I've had mixed feelings. Burlington was my home and I do miss it, but Boston will soon be my new home.

The hardest part...

The hardest part is coming home. And it's not the commute. It's coming home to a big empty house where I'm used to having my parents. It's coming home to a town that I said goodbye to seven years ago. And so did my friends.

This week I was lucky enough to see my friend from grade school. That was refreshing and wonderful. I also saw my friend from grad school who also moved to the city. And my other friend from grad school is moving in just a few weeks time! Maybe once I move the loneliness will start to fade.

The best parts...

I'm so close to home and the twin! I can go home for dinner or to watch the Patriots with my dad. Or I can take a bus to Portsmouth to play with Lyla. These were the main reasons I moved back to Massachusetts.

The food scene. Oh my god the food scene. I still can't get over Barcelona. And I'm in search of the roof top bars to go to. And other great restaurants. It's SO difficult to choose a place to eat or even a type of food because it's all here!! And the wait staff is so knowledgeable. It's truly a profession. Being a dietitian I LOVE that the waiters always ask about allergies.

The job. Can't say enough good things. Still can't believe it's real. Every day is a challenge but also an opportunity to learn.

The people I still have to meet and the places I still have to go. Think of it all! I can't wait to join The November Project (on Wednesdays) and to just spend more time around people! I feel like I've been isolated all summer.

Looking forward to the move. I miss my cozy apartment in Burlington, but this girl grew up and needed to step out of her comfort zone. That she did, that

she did. Don't worry, my kitchen will still be tiny.