Quick weekend

Most weekends this summer have consisted of some exercise, some meal prepping and usually a trip to Target. I also try to clean the house up a bit. This weekend I worked on Sunday but Saturday was pretty typical. I woke up at 6:30 which most people would think is super early but not when you go to bed at 8:30! I was so well rested! I love the cooler temperatures.

I had overnight oats for breakfast and then made a packing list while Netflix was on in the background. I'm so much more productive in the morning, I really shouldn't be so lazy...oh well.

That being said I moved all of my apartment stuff from the basement to the garage before 9am so I guess I wasn't that lazy. Then I worked on changing my address for a bunch of things and setting up online payments. Why is adulting so hard?!

I had to get out of the house so I swung by Target. I'm coordinating all of the frames in my room to be black so I had to get a few more. Of course I left $65 later with two cardigans as well. I picked up milk and yogurt for my meal prep this week.

I'm eating up the leftovers in my house and didn't want to buy more food. Therefore my meal prep only consisted of making some overnight oats for breakfast and banana bread. I had frozen bananas in the freezer. This banana bread is so good. I used granulated sugar and butter! Like I mentioned on Instagram I usually sub maple syrup or honey and oil or yogurt for those items but sometimes you want the real deal. I though a holiday weekend when I'm working was the perfect opportunity.

While the bread was baking I had lunch of leftovers (spinach, turkey burger, and sweet potatoes). Then I painted my nails while watching Reign. The bread was still cooking and I was still hungry so I had a yogurt with granola. Hit the spot! I like yogurt but only if there is something crunchy involved.

Once the bread was cooling I decided to pack up my clothes. I saved some work outfits and packed the rest up. I plan to do laundry Monday and then everything will be ready. I also read a little bit but felt super tired and didn't make it far.

I was craving some bread (who can make banana bread and not have a warm slice?!). I had a piece before going for a run. It was perfect running fuel! I've been feeling a bit too body conscious lately and needed to run it off. Perfect day for a run! I love stopping mid run to do some strength exercises. Feeling strong is the best feeling.

I came home and took the longest shower. It felt so refreshing and rejuvenating. Sometimes that's just what you need. And then I threw together more of the same leftovers (peas, sweet potato, turkey burger, and tomatoes). I hate wasting food.

Then I curled up on the couch with a hoppy beer (it was so good) and an action movie. I have a hard time concentrating on movies by myself unless they're intense. So I chose Shooter because I adore Mark Wahlberg. It was so captivating! And now I'm in bed (it's 9pm if you're wondering) and mentally preparing to work tomorrow and Monday.

Happy long weekend for everyone!