Move In Day

Tuesday was a wee bit stressful. First off I didn't sleep well so I was up at 6:30 ready to go and we couldn't pick up the van until 9am...what to do. We got the van and luckily I had moved everything to the garage to limit the number of stairs we had to do. That was nice. My dad kept saying "there's no way we're going to fit everything." But we did! It fit perfectly despite my subpar packing skills.

Dad and I were off! Props to him for driving a very difficult van into (and out of) the city! We chatted a bit and then Dad reminisced about when he lived in the city. Walking in his footsteps!

We got to the apartment and started unloading. What we ended up having to do was take loads. Like carry things to the front. Unlock doors. Carry things to the elevator. And so on, you get the picture. It worked!!

We took a break to get some food before tackling the bed. Dad wanted something quick and simple so we went to a pizza place right next door. This foodie probably won't be back. I ordered a pita wrap thinking a pita pocket with turkey and guacamole. It ended up being a "normal" wrap. I put that in quotes because it was as long as my arm and super thin...I didn't get it. I was hungry so I ate it but I should have gotten just a slice of pizza. But it was so hot!

Anyways we then went to tackle the bed and lucky for us...IT FIT IN THE ELEVATOR! we were so so so happy! It made things a million times easier. Dad set up my bed and hung a few pictures for me before leaving. It was sad but I can visit him any time now so it's not that sad. I got to tackling unpacking and struggled. I wasn't sure where to put things and I hate feeling unorganized.

My roommate came home and graciously helped me unpack the kitchen. Then I ran across the street to a market that reminds me of City Market in Vermont to get some food. I just got salad stuff and ingredients for overnight oats. I don't have to buy much these days so that's always nice.

At 5:30 my roommate and I went to the gym for a workout class called Burn. It was SO intense. And you need a partner so I won't ever go alone likely. The instructor had us doing so many things! Suicides, burgers, squats going from sitting to stand, partner push ups, walking carrying a medicine ball thing and spinning! I loved the variety but it felt like a 3 hour long workout!

We were beat after that class but I finally felt rejuvenated to work out again. It's been too long! And the gym is a hop skip and jump away.

We hit up Hopewell in Allston for apps and drinks. Beer sounded SO good at the moment. I got a skullpin IPA at the suggestion of my roommate and loved it. We also shared fingerling potato poutine and roasted Brussels sprouts in aioli. How dietitians do apps! All food can be enjoyed!

It was a stressful day that turned into a great day! I still have some unpacking to do but at least now I have time to take care of myself after work as well! Taking breaks for self care is definitely worth it. So thank you for yesterday Michelle! Looking forward to tackling the food scene with you and going to some crazy workout classes.