First City Weekend

This weekend was just what I needed. A mix of fun, family, and rest. Friday night my cousin came over for dinner. I made us fried rice (thank you for bringing soy sauce, Elena) with a side of my favorite red wine. This new rice cooker is coming in handy!

We watched Burnt because we both love cooking. It was pretty good. Can't wait to have more nights like these now that we live super close!

Saturday I woke up early and cleaned! For some reason cleaning on a Saturday is definitely a feel good activity. After cleaning I went for a run that felt amazing. And it ended up being five miles! Go me! I ran along the Charles River and loved the ample shade, the abundance of active people, and watching the rowers out on the water.

Julie got to my place around 10am and we hung out (and snacked) waiting for the rents. Once mom and dad got here I unloaded a few things hey brought for me, mainly plants and condiments I forgot. Dad also fixed my closet and hung up a mirror. He's so handy to have around.

Then it was lunch time! Or should I say brunch! We went to a place called Lulus. It's such a fun atmosphere! I primarily went there to get Conehead, my favorite Vermont beer but they were all out. So sad. Instead I got frose! For ordering food I could not decide. I wanted the white trash has (aka tater tots with short ribs and a poached egg with hollandaise sauce), but then I sauce their medley breakfast potatoes... so I got the vegan Buddha bowl (greens, avocado, curry chickpeas, and rice noodles with a spicy peanut sauce) and a side of breakfast potatoes. I went to town on those breakfast potatoes.

It was a hit and just getting to hang out with my family for a day trip was just what I've been wanting. So glad we all live close now.

Afterwards I made the trek to South Boston to go to Trillium Brewery. It's a pop up beer garden on the greenway. Well of course I accidentally went to the actual brewery instead but lucky for me the greenway is only a 15 minute walk away. It was a gorgeous day for a walk too!

The beer garden was super cool. It's no Foam or Zero Gravity but it has really good IPAs and the atmosphere is definitely hopping. I had the house IPA and then two of their double IPAs. Yes, I may have overdone the beer but I was having fun and not really paying attention. I also didn't drink water that day so may have been drinking out of pure thirst...although beer dehydrates.

Around 8:30 we took an uber to Southie (still confused by the difference) to go to Lincoln for dinner. Well the line was insane so we hopped over to Loco, another place on my bucket list, and the wait was an hour and 45 minutes. Nope. No thank you. Note to self, go when these places open even if it means a 4pm dinner. We went to a small pizza place and got a buffalo chicken pizza. I had a few slices, or three. And then started crashing hard so I hopped on the train and immediately fell into bed once getting home. I ended up walking and running 20,461 steps yesterday!

Sunday started with a slow morning. It feels like fall lately so I love laying in bed and listening to the breeze.

Christine came over to see my place and to get our favorite weekend food, bagel sandwiches. We found a place literally across the street which had great sandwiches called Pavement. It's quaint but a great little shop with a hippie vibe. Right up my alley. Also, any place with overnight oats on the menu wins me over. But I was there for a bagel sandwich. Sausage, egg, and cheese on a jalapeno bagel. The eggs were so fluffy! And the coffee is delicious! We talked for so long and then came back to my apartment and talked some more.

Having friends and family so close by makes me so happy despite still missing Vermont.