Brewery Tours and Boston Adventures

This weekend. Where to begin? Well after a long week at work I really just needed some down time and some fun. On the train ride home I learned in my book that being alone in life is more harmful to your health than obesity. So enjoy nights out with friends! (Body Kindness) Friday I decided to stay in. I really wanted to cook and watch a movie. I stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home and picked up supplies which definitely included wine. I got rained on again on the walk home but it wasn't so bad.

Once I put the groceries away I went to the gym for a quick 3 mile run. Then I took a long shower and cracked open the vino to start cooking. On the menu: baked pumpkin Brussels sprouts macaroni and cheese from Cait's Plate. It was so delicious AND I found pumpkin shaped pasta.

I ate dinner while watching a sad but inspiring Netflix movie called 1 Mile to You.

Saturday the whole apartment (me, my roommate, and her boyfriend) all went on a run. Michelle and I did a very muggy 4.8 miles around the BC reservoir. Then we came home to make brunch. On the menu: pumpkin and regular pancakes, cheesy scrambled eggs, and fruit. So tasty! And copious amounts of coffee.

We then hit up our first brewery: Winter Hill. Christine and I split a flight of 6 8-ounce pours.

Then we walked over to Aeronaut. Thank you to my coworker for pointing me in the right direction! So fun! And I met someone from Burlington!! We each had two beers and played some Go Fish and Bullshit. I did not win.

We also had pizza delivered from Jumbos and I thought of Sophie's Tufts days. We got buffalo chicken with blue cheese and devoured it. We didn't realize it was 5pm.

Next stop, Lord Hobo. We walked a little over a mile to get there. The sporadic walks really helped pace me! This place was more of a bar and it was very dark. Michelle, Christine and I split a flight. Can you tell we are slowing down?

Then we got a ride to Harvard Square and went to Felipe's. We put our name in for the rooftop bar and ordered margaritas and nachos. I gave my margarita to Joe because it was so strong. But the nachos were on point.

And before we knew it we got to go up to the rooftop! We got some more drinks, beer and water for me. And hung out, it was beautiful weather.

And then we went to Seaport. We were all over! We met some of Michelle's friends and then went to a bar. Christine and I tried Soylent which we learned about in undergrad. Sure it has the nutrients that your body needs and all that chemistry. BUT it takes the joy out of eating. It takes away the social aspect. I see how it could help in countries struggling to provide enough food for the population BUT that's different. It tasted like cheerios and milk and it was quite the experience.

Anyways then we went to a bar in Seaport and danced a bit before crashing.

We got back to Allston and grabbed some mediocre pizza near the apartment and called it a night. We had been drinking for 11 hours...

Needless to say we slept in on Sunday and about half the day is gone. But we got bagel sandwiches at noon which definitely is helping to get me going and feeling normal again. I didn't even take a picture but you know what it looks like since I eat them almost every weekend. So glad my best friend and my roommate got to meet. So glad we had the opportunity to spend a whole day exploring and having fun. So glad I am where I am right now in life. Even if it means spending a bit more, eating more pizza and nachos and bagels, and sleeping all morning on some weekends. I feel lucky to be around great people who have similar interests and to be in such a diverse and interesting city.


Scritchfield, R. Body Kindness.