Weekending at Home

Friday was a whirlwind. I had plans in the financial district at 6pm so I planned to hang around that area after work. Work ended up being crazy and I barely made it to my plans! What were my plans?! Truffle making with Taza chocolate coupled with a chocolate and wine pairing. My favorite pair? The chocolate was a cinnamon guajilo chile. It was unbelievable. Currently trying to find it so I can buy all of it... The chocolate (of which I tried to eat mindfully-key word tried) paired perfectly with a spicy Syrah. It blew my mind. I didn't pay much attention to my truffles because I was so into the chocolate wine pairings!

I loved this event because I got to spend time with a great friend and learn more about Boston Public Market and its vendors. Taza has an inspiring mission and supports many communities advocating for fair trade. I wonder if they need a dietitian ;)

I ended up joining Boston Public Market. It was $47/year and you get discounts to their events in the Kitchen. A community kitchen that provides Snap-ed and cooking classes? Hello! Right up my alley. I can't wait to sign up for more classes. I might go to one next weekend. They also have sip and shop on Friday nights. Yes I'd love to sip wine while shopping.

I bought sheep's milk cheese made in Massachusetts and got free bread to save it from the trash when a bakery was closing. The market is a place I feel at home. It reminds me of the feeling I had in Vermont. My passion for connecting to local farmers and supporting their passions. I may be in Boston but I'll always be a farm girl at heart.

Saturday started with a train ride home which ended up being so easy. I loved how simple it was to get home.

After lunch and catching up with my parents I went for a run with my dad. It was muggy but I needed the motivation of a running buddy. This is when my dad gives me life advice.

Justin and Casey's wedding BBQ was later in the afternoon. The food (BBQ and cake!) was delicious.

I had a few drinks while chatting with my high school friends. It was great to catch up. A few are still in Boston and actually really close to me. I've missed them, it was so nice to catch up and I'm already planning the next get together.

Still can't believe this guy is married.

I ended the night facetiming my sister and a good friend before watching some Fuller House. I'm a sucker for that show.

Sunday morning I had a slow breakfast. No oatmeal at my parents house, though. Then mom and I prepped our chili for the Patriots game. Then I went for a run that was probably between 3 and 4 miles but who knows. I've been enjoying just running and today was hard.

I got back and had a snack while talking to my mom. Then we decided to shop. I tried on a lot of things at The Loft and liked a long sweater and a shirt and a skirt but didn't live anything. So we went to Old Navy because I need sweaters. Didn't get any sweaters but I did find my favorite dress in long sleeve (score) and got some comfy and cute long sleeve sweaters. Winning. Oh and running socks!

We missed the first quarter of the Patriots but still saw a good game! Mom and I enjoyed chili, homemade sourdough bread and my sheep's milk cheese! So tasty. Dad isn't a chili guy. The game was intense and I'm so glad I stayed for the end.

We went for a family walk before this girl had to head out. I had some toast with peanut butter and jelly before leaving because my stomach was nauseous. I felt a bit off all day. Maybe catching my mom's cold. Last minute my dad (and mom) decided to drive me back to the city. I'm too lucky to have these two for my parents, always looking out for me.

I love that I can just pop home for the weekend and have it be no big deal. I got some quality time with my parents and my friends. I'm too lucky.