I'm not perfect.

We all have realizations that we aren't good enough. We're human, we aren't perfect. We forget to do things at work, we skip workouts, we eat giant pretzels with dinner, and we spend too much money. That was my Tuesday, how was yours? I wish I was perfect. I am so incredibly hard on myself when I forget to do something or don't do it as well as I wish I could. But something I'm working on is realizing that I am not perfect, nor should I be.

I wish I could be perfect at my new job. Key word there: new. You're still new(ish), Megan. Cut yourself some slack. And remember that you aren't alone. You can ask questions, you can go back and fix something. You're learning. 

I wish I could be perfect at budgeting. I just realized my budget wasn't adding up my "other" expenses...which has been a lot lately after moving. I've had to buy organizing things and also wedding gifts! Anyways when I realized that today and then consequentally saw that I have sucked at saving money I felt like a failure. My dad made this budget for me to help me save for my future and for emergencies and here I am blowing it. But, Megan, like you said, you've had some additional expenses. Perhaps mom is right and you need to adjust your budget. First, I have some goals to help me spend less:

  1. Only go out to eat one time per week (preferably on weekends)
  2. Plan active get together or dinners in with friends
  3. Dont go shopping after work..you're too vulnerable

    I wish I could be better at eating nutritious foods. I've been adjusting to eating lunch at work. I bring my own breakfast because I love my oatmeal, but lunch usually includes the salad bar. I've been trying to be better about balancing the raw vegetables with a grain (usually barley or quinoa) and eithet chicken or tofu. Usually there is something fun like edamame salad, roasted cauliflower, salsa, or blue cheese. It makes for an exciting lunch. But not having to bring lunch makes dinner a challenge because I don't want to eat the same thing four nights in a row. It's tough and I'm not good at planning meals. But I also feel invigorated and accomplished when I cook. This week I'm eating leftover chili, leftover Mac and cheese, and fish tacos...but there are only three different dinners because it's all leftovers. Usually I'm eating the same two things all week long. My goal lately has been to eat 5-6 fruits or vegetables each day. That's !y starting point. And going out to eat only once per week will force me to cook more. Some nights might be Annie's macaroni or avocado toast.

    I wish I could be perfect at exercising. My sister loves running and does it all the time. I have a gym membership and should go more consistently. I'm hoping to get back into lifting and maybe that will spur the motivation. If I've learned anything, you need to enjoy the exercise in order to make it a habit. Otherwise you will resent it. Trying to lift weights and see if I start to enjoy working out again. I've been enjoying my walks in the afternoons for sure!

    Lesson here is, nobody's perfect. Nobody. Even I, a registered dietitian, feel imperfect in my eating habits. Among other things. Life is all about monitoring your progress and evaluating your goals. Then adjusting as needed. I'm monitoring and evaluating now. My goals are being adjusted to see if can succeed at this whole adult thing. Breathe in, breathe out. You've got this, Megan.