Working and Weekending

I've been sick so in all honesty I needed an excuse to lay low. Thursday I left work a little early and crawled onto the couch. Friday I felt better but still needed to do the same thing that afternoon. What made it the best sick day(s) ever?! Shows came back this week! I binge watched all the good ones. Friday I didn't know what I wanted to eat so I wandered the grocery store and bought broccoli and pesto thinking I'd make pasta. Nope. When I got home (aka TWO minutes later) all I wanted was toast. So I made a pesto Parmesan omelette because there's this pan that perfects them! With carrots and two pieces of toast. Then I cried while watching Greys Anatomy. Typical...

Sunday I woke up hungry. But then I'm not sure if its hunger or this weird pain/discomfort I've been having near my stomach. Anyways I ate a banana and peanut butter to ward off the pre-brunch hunger. I suck at brunch because I wake up ready for breakfast.

It was super fun to have a reason to get up and get dressed and go into the city. Today I have blisters on my toes from my booties though. Why won't they break in already?! At brunch I wanted something hearty but couldn't pass up s'more pancakes. I wish I could find a picture from my high school days!

The thing about pancakes...I'm never full from them. It's just a sugar high, then a crash, and then I'm hungry again. French toast is a different story...especially when it's Magnolias French toast...I miss Vermont. Anyways you have the egg there for staying power. When I make pancakes I add peanut butter and yogurt usually. To fuel me for longer. As delicious as these were I got home after some wandering and needed a snack.

I made popcorn topped with nutritional yeast and reminisced about Chicago Fire night with Maia. I miss Vermont...I also had some carrots...I miss my Vermont CSA...those were good carrots. I binge watched the last season of Sons of Anarchy. I have a terrible habit of not finishing shows....

That night I made a beef peanut soba noodle stir fry. I added extra vegetables if broccoli and baby corn and then realized I forgot the actual vegetables that the recipe called for (cue head smack). It was still delicious and I have some leftovers! Woo!

Sunday I woke up for work. I made breakfast at home because I wanted hot oatmeal but quickly realized I have the oats that take way longer to cook. I'm a creature of habit what can I say. I also wanted to wait for it to get a bit lighter since not as many people are out on a Sunday morning. Dad would be proud.

I walked from the train to work and it was lovely. A bit chilly but so lovely that I got to thinking why don't I walk every morning?! Not sure that will happen haha.

Work went okay. I'm trying to be more confident in myself. It's a work in progress. I've officially been working full time hours for three months! Gasp. Where does time go?! Lunch was tasty of chicken, peach, blue cheese salad and chicken noodle soup. I'll be dreaming of that soup!

I left work at 4:30 and started on the most wonderful walk. I walked to Haymarket first, waiting to hear from a friend if I should stay on the South Side. I even walked through part of Quincy Market. Then I decided to find my way to the Green Way. I contemplated going to Trillium for a beer but I've had so much alone time this weekend that I couldn't so I kept walking to Park Street. If you notice all of the "I miss Vermont" comments above. There's one big I love Boston today. The weather. The views. The opportunities. The job. The coworkers. The new friends. The everything!! The walk was just what I needed. And Julie picked up the phone and we got to catch up 😊

<<<<< good. Cheers to October 1. Cheers to pumpkin beer season.