WIAW and Numbers

HAPPY MARCH!!! What!!! I was bad at taking pictures again...I'm sorry. Truth be told, nobody wants to see another 6am picture of peanut butter and jelly toast. If there was natural light then yes it would look beautiful, but not before sunrise.

So yes I had peanut butter and jelly toast this morning as fuel for tempo Tuesday! I am actually really enjoying tempo Tuesday (now after conquering a tempo). Last night I was texting Julie explaining how nervous I was about trying a tempo outside by myself. Normally I do tempos on the treadmill because I can set my pace and just try to "hang on". But today while running outside and checking my watch frequently I realized that my pace changes based on wind, hills, scenery, music, etc. The treadmill is not realistic because nothing is ever perfect and nothing is ever that consistent. I loved doing the tempo outside. It helped that there was absolutely no wind and the sun was shining. And Julie was right, one day you will just hit your tempo and from then on you will know you can do it. Well, Julie today I realized I can run a tempo faster than an 8 minute mile and never did I think that would happen.

(How badly does this water make you want to water ski...?)

Something that marathon training has truly given me is increased body appreciation. Every time my legs carry me a mile further than the last training run I am proud (even though it hurts). Every time I run a mile faster I can't believe that I am able to put in the training that is necessary to show these improvements. It's something I never thought I could do. I looked at the training schedule my sister made me and I first thought, Yeah, okay. We will see how that goes...

And here I am. In week 3. Crushing my tempos! 7 mile tempos at that! Today's splits:

Mile 1: 7:56

Mile 2: 7:56 (consistency, baby)

Mile 3 (includes 0.25 mile of recover): 8:13

Mile 4: 7:45

I am on a high from this run and will be for a while!

(So blurry...how do people take these pictures?)

Anyways after that I had a banana and then later on a clementine.

Lunch was Erin's chili which I ate cold (womp womp) because I brought it in a mason jar and knew it would take f-o-r-e-v-e-r (name that movie) to heat up and some crackers. My snack today included a yogurt with some crumbled granola bar and oats and an apple.

(I stayed on campus until 8pm so I brought dinner - and dessert! - with me)

Dinner was eaten while watching a documentary on eating disorders called All of Me. The documentary is extremely powerful and moving and everyone should see it. Dinner was leftover quinoa, pinto beans, roasted broccoli and squash and cheese. I also had two homemade peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies when I got home.

(I can't take credit for these cookies...thank you Monique!)

Looking back on my day it seems that cheese and higher fat dairy products could be one of the reasons that my total cholesterol level has gone up. I had a biometric screening done today where I found out that my total cholesterol has increased a bit. However, so has my HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol). Now being the perfectionist that I am, I cannot sit here and be okay with the fact that my total cholesterol is high even if my HDL levels are in the protective range. My innate nature is to observe nutrition and how it impacts the body. I don't eat a lot of red meat or processed foods, so I am left thinking that my dairy intake could be a contributing factor. I love cheese and I definitely do not always eat it in moderation. I also have been trying to eat more high calcium foods and in doing so have been buying 2% chocolate milk and 2% yogurt. I find I enjoy 2% yogurt, but really am not a fan of nonfat yogurt. It's still not my favorite food (yogurt, I mean), so maybe I should stop trying to force myself to eat it. Or I'll mindfully eat one to see if the allure is there before I make that call...

The thing to consider here is that a biometric screening is just numbers. The assessment component of the Nutrition Care Process includes lab values as only one piece of the puzzle. It's important to grasp the overall picture and to understand a person's lifestyle as well. I am going to continue to remind myself of this when I feel anxious or worried that my total cholesterol is a bit higher than I expected. If a client came to me and showed me their lipid profile and the cholesterol was high would I jump to these same conclusions right away? No. I would do a full assessment before collaborating to make some small, achievable goals. It's about the big pictures, numbers are objective.


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