Random Thoughts

I am totally thrown off this week and it's only Monday...that's because I worked Friday and Saturday and had Sunday off. That never happens. It was nice to be able to go out for {a few} drinks with my friends and feel like a 25-year-old again. Sometimes I feel so much older...Needless to say Sunday started a bit later than anticipated but it felt so so so good to just lay in bed with nowhere to be. Anyways, I thought I would pop in with a few random thoughts that I had recently (most of them occurred on my run with Christine).

  1. People think it is so strange that I like to talk while I run. But in reality, what is more distracting and enticing than good conversation? It's also a great time to think. I have had so many ah-ha moments while running lately! It's a better time to come up with ideas than the shower. Also, when out on a 10 mile run you have time to talk about anything and everything. Christine and I got really personal at times, but also had a stimulating conversation about nutrition and eating for athletic performance.
  2. Does anyone else play the Monopoly "game" at Shaws? I never did because I didn't know how and just thought it would be another piece of paper that I end up recycling. But after hanging out with Christine the other night she mentioned that her mom played and won a whole knife set! The prizes are pretty significant. Therefore, I started collecting and I am looking forward to going grocery shopping this week (it's always been a hobby of mine - is that weird?). I had this great idea to plan a dinner with my friends that is Monopoly themed. The only items that you can use are the items marked at the store with the Monopoly symbol (basically a marketing ploy to get you to buy that product because you get more game pieces). This could be a disaster or extremely fun and interesting! Stay tuned.
  3. The part of my body that hurts the most from marathon training are my toes...no lie. The hurt so freaking much. I find myself trying to stretch them by pointing and flexing my feet and even rolling my toes if that makes any sense. Today I stretched while brushing my teeth.
  4. Going off of the previous point I am the worst at stretching. I get done with my workout and I just want to be done. Even if my butt muscles hurt (right now they do) I am just lazy and don't want to stretch. I have been trying to do the number 4 stretch more often for my tight hamstrings...does that stretch have a fancier name?
  5. Is it worth it to buy another pair of the same running sneakers that I have now? Definitely curious for feedback on this one! I LOVE my new Nikes and my shin splints have never felt as great as they do now. While it could be a combination of the shoes and running my long runs in my compression sleeves, but I also found another color of the shoes that I love.
  6. Towards the end of the week I eat so many eggs. I really am not much of an egg eater for breakfast (give me some oatmeal or pancakes any day!), but I typically eat them for lunch or dinner. In the past 3 days I have eaten 6 eggs. I made fried rice twice and then had an egg and toast (and butter!) sandwich for brunch today seeing as I woke up at 10:30am and staying in bed until 11:15am.
  7. This weekend I ran 10 miles and thought wow that is the longest training run I have done in a while. It's half of what my longest training run will be (*gulp*). Julie also ran 10 miles today and her post talks about how this was her shortest run in a while. Perception...it's a funny thing. Not going to compare myself! I am pretty proud of these little legs taking me 10 miles today. Happy to have had someone willing to listen to me ramble for that time and brave the cold and the wind with me.

Those are my random thoughts for this week. There were definitely more, but I have either saved them for another post or forgot them.