Sleep. It's important.

Sleep is very important for so many health reasons. Nutritionally speaking getting adequate sleep can help manage hunger and cravings which in turn can help with weight maintenance or intuitive eating.  Did anyone stay up to watch the Super Bowl last night? Disclaimer: I am a Patriots fan and yes I stayed up until the end of the game. Granted the game ended a little after 10:30 and I was in bed by 11pm which is not too late to go to bed. However, the excitement made it hard for me to actually fall asleep and my 5am wake up call came earlier than expected. For some people 6 hours of sleep is normal. For myself, I thrive on 8 hours of sleep. I love going to bed between 9:30 and 10pm and waking up around 6am. I am a morning person through and through. Plus then I can enjoy the morning with a bowl of warm oatmeal and a cup of coffee before everyone else gets up including the sun. 

This morning was rough. Correction. This afternoon was rough. Even on little sleep I can be productive in the morning, but once the afternoon hits there's no saying what will happen. Most of the time it means I snack a lot, have intense cravings, need mucho cafe, or am a zombie. Today (and most days) it means I snack a lot even if I'm not hungry. Which is a-okay, people. Some days your body is just a little hard to read and nobody (or shall I say no body 😉) is expected to be perfect.  

Like I mentioned in my last post, sometimes you can identify your hunger cues and sometimes you can't. We've basically spent our whole lives being deconditioned to hunger or satiety cues. Raise your hand if you grew up or still are part of the clean plate club. 🙋🏼 So don't beat yourself up. Heck today I was not perfect but normal eating is not about being perfect. Intuitive eating is not about being perfect. Be you because you're pretty great.

So today I had a few extra snacks. And made spaghetti for dinner before my doctors appointment at 6:30pm even though I wasn't hungry. And then when I got home I made tea and snacked on chocolate covered pomegranates as a treat for surviving my physical (hello white coat syndrome).

Sleep can help curb cravings and fluctuations in hunger and satiety. But also if days happen where you snack a bit more or you're eating when you aren't physiologically hungry then that is not the end of the world. Food is fuel people. And food is also delicious and exciting. Food is social. Food is so much. Just roll with the waves and be perfectly imperfect. Being perfect wouldn't be fun anyways.