My First Speed Workout

Today was my first speed workout and I was nervous all day. I worked 8:30-5 and brought my workout clothes to change into after my shift. When I have to run on weekends and I know I'll be mentally tired I change at work and drive straight to the gym. That way I am more likely to get the workout in. The hardest part is changing into my gym clothes. Or it was before this workout... Today called for 5 miles. With 800s thrown in. I warmed up for 2 miles at 10 minutes/mile (I was tired) and then did four 800s at 7:30 minutes/mile with a 400 recovery at 10 minutes/mile. Each 800 was harder than the previous one. The first speed I was genuinely nervous that I would shoot off the back of the treadmill because I wasn't sure how fast 7:30 would be. It turns out it's level 8. Mentally I couldn't go above 8...and I am glad I didn't because that was certainly fast enough. I kept thinking that Julie was insane for giving me this pace because my legs are so short.

After two speeds I thought about texting Julie (my twin, but also my running coach) and asking if I could do 3 speeds instead of 4. I wasn't going to make it. Everytime I thought that I told myself that I had to do all 4 because I already slowed my speed from 7:25 to 7:30. Once I finished the 3rd speed I told myself to just go for one lap and see how that felt and then I thought well if I give up now then that is just lame. In the midst of the speeds I wanted to yell at Julie, but oh man it felt great afterwards. I felt so accomplished. And if I did shoot off the back there weren't many people at the gym on a Sunday evening to notice. Maybe Sunday will become my speed day. I stretched for like two minutes because I am terrible at stretching and then drove home. On the ride home I was reminiscing about high school track and how much I love being fast. The 800 was my favorite race. Actually right about now I can't remember if I liked the 800 or the 1,000 better...those races were my jam. I didn't think I would miss them. I may have to run speeds on the track once it warms up to bring all the memories back.

Post workout I chugged some chocolate milk straight from the carton because I am classy like that. I don't know what I have been doing without chocolate milk in my life. I drink 4-8 ounces after a speed, tempo, or long run to get some quick carbohydrates and protein within a half hour after the run because I don't always immediately eat. Tonight I was hungry, but really needed to shower before having dinner. I took the longest shower and enjoyed the stress relief Kiss My Face shower gel that I got as a Christmas gift. It's so relaxing and smells like pine! Dinner consisted of couscous, turkey sausage, roasted root vegetables, and Cabot sharp cheddar cheese. Then I finished off the cinnamon bun Ben and Jerry's that I bought a few days back. Perfect way to end the day. Boy am I tired. It's been a long weekend, but I feel rejuvenated. I owe it all to a great night in with a friend, the most inspirational podcast (Food Psych), and appreciating all that my body can do!

Now I just wish I could see Jules in person and cuddle her puppy when I'm this tired...