Friday Favorites

It's been a weird week. Anyone else feeling that way? Monday was a holiday so that threw me completely off and today was 50 degrees in wrong. I just watched this week's episode of This Is Us and after sobbing uncontrollably for the last ten minutes (attractive right?!) I thought I needed to think about positive things. So what did I enjoy this week? Sunshine!

It was a little brighter this week (thank goodness) and I feel like a different person. This is also a good thing because I recently ran out of Vitamin D pills.

Coffee/lunch dates

This week I met with a few of my references for the job hunt. I so enjoyed the opportunity to sit down (or walk downtown) with them and just get to know them better. Not only did we talk about my prospective future and my goals, but we also just had a truly great time. It feels so wonderful stepping out of the student-teacher roles and becoming closer with the people whom I truly admire and look up to.

Basketball games

As an undergrad I went to one basketball game...ONE! It was the year that Julie graduated (year 4 of 5 for me) and she was like I have to go to the game because otherwise I won't before graduation. So we went and it was fun. This year I have gone to a few more for various reasons, but I realize I enjoy basketball. Not as much as hockey, but we are getting there. It helps when your school is pretty gosh darn amazing at basketball these days.

Running with people

Rebecca is taking it easy this week due to a potential injury. Without someone to force me up early to run I have found myself dreading my workouts. My tempo was insanely hard this week and then yesterday I ran a 6 mile speed workout on the indoor track. Going around in a circle 48 times was a bit brutal. That's why I really look forward to runs with friends. I am a chatterbox and even at 6am will talk throughout the whole run. Being with another person energizes me and sets the whole day up for success!

Running on a track

Despite hating the fact that 8ish laps is a mile, I actually enjoyed running on the elevated track the other day. It bugged me that we were running in the wrong direction (although I may have played a part in that by not reading the directions...), but there were hardly anyone running so I could go about my workout in peace. I realized while doing my speeds that part of me misses track. Training for the marathon is a bit similar to track practice when you are told what to run. But then running on the track I get invigorated passing people and leaning into the corners...

Delicious meals

YUM! This week was delicious. There was that peanut noodle bowl that I can't get enough of.

Roasted veggie bowls with rice and sausage.

Mushroom fried rice (a quick dinner, but a keeper!)

Bratwurst with Kimchi at Zero Gravity... and a ton of their popcorn.


Looking forward to meals out this week and making some chili :) Also cannot wait to sleep in on Sunday...hopefully later than 7am...