Fueling for Fitness

This morning I woke up and was not feeling my impending tempo run. I had a 10 mile tempo on the plan for today and the grey, gloomy day was not helping my motivation. Any mileage over an hour I know I will need some extra carbohydrates in the morning. I woke up and threw two pieces of toast in the toaster. Topped with peanut butter and jelly because when would I ever eat anything else? This gave me about 45-60 grams of carbohydrates for my run which was perfect because I noticed the "wall" around 9.5 miles.


My 10 mile tempo was attempted on the waterfront and I made it 4 miles out before being forced to turn around because of the ice and snow. It was throwing off my tempo times.

Tempo 1: 8:00

Tempo 2: 8:31 (see the picture below for what I was running through)

Tempo 3: 8:04

Tempo 4: 7:39

Tempo 5: 7:39

(this isn't even the worst of it)

The carbohydrates from breakfast got me through the run and when I got home I had some milk and a clementine. My body was so tired walking up the hill to class, but I was so happy to get there and finally be able to eat my lunch. I had leftover gnocchi, sautéed mushrooms and eggplant, and turkey sausage. It's such a keeper throw-together meal.

With long or hard runs I pay very close attention to the pre- and pots- workout fuel. Beforehand I always eat peanut butter and jelly toast, one or two slices depending on the mileage. Anything over an hour (~6 miles) I will have two slices for the added carbohydrates. After  I try to have chocolate milk or regular white milk with some fruit. The rest of the day I tend to eat pretty normally with an extra snack here or there (tonight included a few handfuls of pretzels with my wine). A few glasses of wine happened because I am in quite a funk lately. The sun needs to come out and stay out and melt all of this snow. Some days you just need to sip some wine and text your sister who is also your best friend. Missing my favorite winos: my mom and sister.

Today's dinner was a classic that I made last week and cannot get enough of. Quinoa + roasted vegetables + legumes + Trader Joe's Goddess dressing. The roasted veggies featured tonight were brussels sprouts, peppers and onions. A great balance and I love brussels sprouts.

I've been sipping the aforementioned wine while cooking banana bread for a breakfast date tomorrow and watching Gilmore Girls. Stay tuned for the review of the banana bread!

What I Ate Wednesday

Guys, I forgot to take pictures of what I ate yesterday so that I could post this this morning. Oops. And then I vowed to take pictures of my food today and definitely forgot to take a picture of my snack...well one of my snacks and my lunch. It's a make shift What I Ate Wednesday post today. I woke up super well rested at 6:30 this morning. I washed my sheets yesterday and my bed was so comfy last night. It's the little things in life...My stomach was still feeling a little bit off so I stuck with toast this morning (one slice with butter and jam and the other with peanut butter). I also had my first tempo run and needed the carbohydrates for fuel and I will not let any of my Great Harvest loaf go to waste. Thank you to Kath for getting me addicted to Great Harvest bread. Luckily I live in a place where a bakery exists. Where I work there is an indoor farmers' market and Great Harvest sells there and I love it.

Side note about my stomach being a bit upset lately. I had a physical on Monday and my doctor asked me if it could be from something I have been eating. My job is to pay attention to what people eat and how it affects them and yet I don't do the same for myself. The only food that I have recently been eating more of which I don't normally eat are bell peppers. They were on sale this week and I bought four...impulse buy. So then my doctor starts telling me that peppers are high in a type of carbohydrate that isn't easily digested in the small intestine...blah blah blah... I just look at her and I ask, "Are you going to put me on a low FODMAP diet?" She starts laughing, realizing that I am in the nutrition profession and that I have known what she was hinting at all along. She shook her head and suggested that maybe I food journal though. Isn't that my recommendation as a future RD?! I felt put in my place. But I had better plans to take pictures of what I eat...although clearly I am slacking.

Moving on to that tempo run! I decided to run on the treadmill because the weather yesterday said freezing rain this morning (no...just no) and because then I could be sure that I was running at the right pace. I can't wait for my running watch to arrive. It's pink...insert emoji with the waving hands...Do you guys know which one I am talking about? It's my favorite and I definitely abuse it.

I went into the run thinking that 5 miles on the treadmill would be absolute torture and so I aimed for 4, cutting my warm up and cool down from a mile and a half to just a mile. However, I needed the full mile and a half to warm up. Then I cranked up the pace until it said 8:06 being careful to not look at the level until I hit my target pace because anything over 7 freaks me out a bit (anyone else scared of shooting off the back?). Two miles at level 7.4 went by so fast. That's a lie. The first mile went by so fast and the last mile dragged and I kept staring at the mileage. My sister's mantra stuck in my head, though. "Run the mile you're in" she wrote on her blog. While running I also listened to an episode of Food Psych about orthorexia which had me captivated. By the time the mile and a half cool down came around I figured why not finish out the full 5 miles?!

I spent the rest of the day doing homework with my friend. I brought leftover spaghetti and a blood orange to her house for lunch. Before I left I had a snack of a yogurt topped with some cereal. I have come to the conclusion that I love yogurt but without something else it just doesn't fill me up. I went to the store on my way to her house and picked up some Uncle Sam's Raisin Bran cereal. I chose an on-sale brand and it has only four ingredients, winning! I love adding some crunch to yogurt and extra carbohydrates for marathon fueling.

I spent the afternoon shopping at Michaels for scrapbooking supplies and totally got sucked in...does anyone else go into Michaels and purchase everything in sight? It's like Target...

I am currently making dinner while I type up the body of this post. I had a date-less energy ball while I was cutting up a sweet potato because I knew I wouldn't make it to dinner without getting "hangry" and nobody wants to experience that. Even now I feel hungry again. Those hard runs really get my metabolism going...I think tempos are harder than long runs. I will let you know if my mind changes after Friday when I do my long run at 6:30am after a late night on Thursday...

Dinner tonight consisted of roasted sweet potato nachos. I have really been loving Mexican-inspired meals lately. It could be the cheese. I love cheese and salsa and beans and guacamole. I love it all. I decided to take a break from enchiladas tonight since I've had them three days this week already. I should have roasted the potatoes longer but some were getting dark. Others were still a bit soft but still delicious.

Later tonight I am going to watch This is Us with my neighbor and I cannot wait. Anyone else loving this show? It has some really great lessons and inspirational messages. Not to mention Milo...

Side note...I need to start taking better pictures...