One Month

I am focusing a little less on marathon training/fueling right now because

  1. I am dealing with some IT Band pain (PT is scheduled for Friday and I have been biking butt is so sore).
  2. I have been eating and drinking my way through Burlington to savor every last bit of it!

So the focus in my life is on friends and fun. Less about food and training.


I finally made it back to Burlington on Wednesday after so so so much travel. And while I love the chance to see friends, my twin, and her BF it's exhausting. I was so ready for my bed. And to cook food (not that I have cooked once since getting back...)

Thursday: Restaurant week plans!!!! After trying for 17 miles and making it 5 before my leg locked and I limped home, I was ready for some friend time. I have not seen Maia and Joey in so long and was looking forward to this all week. Not to mention the weather was GORGEOUS so we walked to dinner!! We went to Our House Bistro for their restaurant deal. It was a ton of food and I practically dragged my butt up the hill after dinner.

We started with some rose because the weather was fantastic (not that that's the only time you can drink rose...YOLO).

For appetizers Maia and I each got the pulled pork poutine and Joe got the spinach and artichoke dip. For the entree Joe got the lamb burger and Maia and I went with the mac and cheese flights. It featured buffalo chicken, caprese, and a sweet and salty one (like maple with beef and fried jalapenos...).

(devoured...because who likes leftover poutine??!)

Dessert was deep fried PBJ...I couldn't resist. I love peanut butter.

Friday: The next day I woke up early to bike before work. It felt nice to be at work on a weekday, but boy are 10:30-7 shifts tough for this morning person. Luckily (for me) Nolan texted me that his restaurant week plans fell through and since I love food I offered up my company. Yes, I will invite myself on people's dinner's all about the experience people. Restaurant week is one of the most exciting weeks for me! We ended up going to The Gryphon. It was dark inside and I was too chatty to remember to take a picture. But I do remember what I had because it was so tasty:

  • Cocktail: Summer Gimlet made with muddled cucumber and basil.
  • had another word in the name, but basically it was rabbit with some toasted bread and a small salad with endive and arugula.
  • Filet with amazing mashed potatoes and green beans. This was cooked so well and the potatoes were out of this world (like Nolan said, probably cooked with lots of butter and cream...yes, but so good).
  • Hazelnut ice cream.

We were so impressed with the food. I offered some of my filet to Nolan...completely forgetting that the only food he does not eat is beef. Good one, Megan. Left feeling so satisfied and not too stuffed. WIN!

After dinner we walked down Church Street a bit before ending up at Foam on the waterfront. And what do you know, but it was their first anniversary party so it was PACKED. There was live music too! I wish I ordered their coconut beer, but I was not in a sweet mood after ice cream. Of course I ordered the highest alcohol beer...oops.

Saturday: Staying out a bit late the night before and a 5am wake up call meant for a tired day. But I made it through work and then even had the energy to bike for 2 hours at the gym. I watched Greys Anatomy and then Gilmore Girls to pass the time.

Driving home I was hit with intense sadness that I ended up crying before I even pulled into the driveway. I felt so happy that I got to spend Thursday with Maia and Joe. And I was so happy I got to catch up with Nolan on Friday. It's easy friendships like these that make me sad because they're hard to find and I'm moving away. It's not every day that you meet someone with whom you share so many interests with that it's almost scary. It's not everyday you meet someone who makes you laugh with every word they say. And it's definitely not every day that you meet someone who is there for you through the good, the bad, and the ugly and is always honest with you even if it's tough love you need. Burlington is home because of the friends I have made.

Lucky for me, Maia is always there for me and invited me out. It was just what I needed to be out and having fun with these three. I am so glad I went even if it meant another night of staying up too late before an early alarm. We went to the outdoor bar at Juniper and had a cocktail. My first cocktail made with egg white because I was told it's an experience I must have. Check.

Then we went to Church and Main because they were closing for good and it's on my restaurant bucket list. I went with the bartender's choice and after telling him I like gin and wanted something refreshing, he made me...a CUCUMBER GIMLET! Seriously people, get ready for the summer of the gimlet. I've already recruited Nolan to teach me how to make it. So good. SO refreshing.

At the end of the night I ran home and straight into bed.

Sunday: I woke up with the birds (seriously, if they could sleep a little bit later that would be great). Work was a bit of a struggle but I kept it to one cup of coffee surprisingly. After work I dragged my butt to the gym to bike for 30 minutes. I have been biking the amount of time that it takes me to run my planned miles. I have also been stretching and doing some strength. I need to remember to ice though...shoot.

After that was Colleen's birthday at Paint and Sip!!! What an amazing idea for a birthday celebration. I loved the painting and it was so relaxed and we had a big group of friends. I painted sober and had a much steadier hand :) Alex and I were singing to the 90s music that was playing the whole time. Love me some Brittney Spears and N'Sync. Greatest playlist ever. I think we did a pretty stellar job. The second tree from the right looks a bit medussa-esque.

I ended the night talking to my parents who said I am doing a great job and can't believe I am almost done with school! It's so surreal. Scary. And Surreal. I ended the night with some music and a Cadbury chocolate that my parents sent me from London (Double Decker!).

Feeling so lucky after the past few days.

Running A{long}

Long runs have quickly become my favorite runs of the week (except for certain weeks when the weather is terrible...aka most weeks). Tempo runs and especially speed runs are dreaded...they are just so hard. Today was a great long run! img_5679

A few weeks back I had a great run with Rebecca. She did 10 and I went on to do 13. While it was cold and windy, we both felt great and liked our splits. The bike path was clear so we could run and enjoy the scenery albeit grey. At one point we ran into a snow squall but we still felt great.

The following week was a terrible 8 mile run on a Friday night because the whole weekend had a wind chill advisory with threats of frost bite. No thank you. Running at night or even in the afternoon is not great for my digestive system. I just feel so much better in the morning and Rebecca and I both struggled on this run.


The following week we did a mid afternoon long run, Rebecca doing 12 while I did 15. This was a nice day but we had just gotten dumped on with snow two days prior and the sidewalks were still pretty covered in snow despite the plows working hard. This run was SLOW going and my legs were in so much pain simply from trying to stabilize each step on the uneven ground.

Fast forward to today. Oh my gosh it was perfect.

5:45 am - My alarm goes off and I roll out of bed. I'm actually very awake and ready for the day.

5:50 am - I make 2 slices of Great Harvest toast with peanut butter and my mom's strawberry jam (I still cannot.get.enough.) I have a cup of coffee with a little bit of milk on the side. This breakfast provides probably 45 grams of carbohydrates (30 from the toast and 15 from the jam) which should provide a good amount of fuel for the beginning of my run.

6:35 am - I get my car warmed up and defrosted (it's about 18 degrees out with no wind chill!!!!)

6:45 am - I park my car and run to meet Rebecca at the corner where we start off down the road. We are running an out and back today which is part of the stretch of the marathon. It's sunny and cold at first, but like I said there was no wind!! There is ice on the ground, but Rebecca and I conclude that the ice now is better than slush because your feet don't get wet and you can see when you need to slow down and be careful. A few times the ice almost breaks, but we avoid getting our feet wet the whole run!

~7:45 am -When I am about 7 miles in I eat one packet of fruit snacks. I have been using these for fueling and while they are easy to consume while running they don't quite provide enough carbohydrates for me. Each bag is about 20 grams of carbohydrates and I would like something closer to 30 grams every hour. I guess it's a good thing my breakfast had about 45 grams!

8:45 am - I eat another packet of fruit snacks and wave goodbye to Rebecca. I round out my run and do another small out and back to get up to 17 miles.

9:40 am - I finish at my car and basically collapse. I have two new records: fast half (not for long!) and longest run. After how great I felt today I am so excited for the Unplugged half marathon in two weeks!

9:45 am -I eat a banana in my car and drive into the Switchback parking lot for Stretch & Sip.

9:50 am - I chug a chocolate milk, aka the perfect post run fuel. It has a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio to help refuel and rebuild my muscles. I need this as I head into an hour long yoga class.

10:00 am - Yoga starts and feels amazing. The whole time I feel strong and connected to my body. I have put on some weight since beginning training, but I have never been more proud of what my body has accomplished and when I feel strong like today I love every inch of me.

11:00 am - The sipping part of the day begins...and I would say the fun begins too but it's already been fun.



17 mile long run (average pace 9:47, total time 2:46:23)

Mile 1: 10:03

Mile 2: 10:24

Mile 3: 9:37

Mile 4: 9:59

Mile 5: 10:02

Mile 6: 9:49

Mile 7: 9:56

Mile 8: 9:54

Mile 9: 10:01

Mile 10: 9:58

Mile 11: 9:51

Mile 12: 9:36

Mile 13: 9:57

Mile 14: 9:25

Mile 15: 9:20

Mile 16: 9:20

Mile 17: 9:09


A Weekend with Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad finally came to Vermont and it was the coldest weekend in a long time. Saturday there was actually a wind chill advisory because of temperatures reaching -25 degrees. It was rough. I woke up and lounged around, did some homework, and watched TV while semi-napping. Around 12:30pm my parents texted me to meet them outside that we could go get some lunch. I took them to August First, a bakery that I went to a few years back with my sister. It's a cool atmosphere and the food was very good. Mom and I got the same meal of a cup of sweet potato and spicy sausage soup with a half panini. The panini was huge and I got the special of turkey, pesto, and mushrooms. Dad got the whole panini and seemed to enjoy it.

After lunch we ventured to a maple syrup shack, but unfortunately it was too cold for any sugaring to be happening. We did, however, get a taste of some delicious dark amber syrup before ordering a frosted maple donut and one bowl of sugar on snow to share. I also got a quart of dark amber syrup to go and I can't wait for future brinners (I am thinking french toast needs to happen soon).

It was too cold to do anything outside so we went to Pine Street to hit up some breweries. We went to Zero Gravity first where I was so excited that Conehead with Brio coffee was on tap. My parents each got a flight of four to be able to try all of their beers and of course Conehead, Green State Lager, and Little Wolf stole the show.

Next stop: Switchback. My dad cannot get enough. He loves Switchback and I am required to bring him some every time I go home. He thoroughly enjoyed a pint of their original and mom and I split a flight. I was obsessed with their tiny sample glasses and was able to convince my dad to buy me one. He also treated me to a create-your-own six pack.

For dinner we went to Farmhouse. We started out chatting in the lounge next to the fire and I treated my parents to a round of beers because we hadn't had enough already...oops. For dinner my dad had the chicken and biscuits, I had the beef duo (iron!) with creamy grits and roasted brussels. Mom got a burger because they do those so well.

It was an early night and I slept like a baby.

Sunday morning I got up and ventured over to my parents' hotel to run on the treadmill but it didn't work. So then I came back home to shower and met them at a bagel place before heading back to my apartment to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. I showed my parents the scrapbook I made, I'm very proud of it.

We then hit the road to Waterbury where we had more drinking and eating plans. It was seriously too cold for anything else. We went to the Boyden Valley tasting room in Waterbury and it was a great experience. Dad loved the wine so much that he bought a case and I lucked out by getting a few bottles. So excited. They have a maple fest coming up in a few weekends and I happen to have that weekend off. Fate.

Lunch involved Prohibition Pig which always reminds me of my friend, Teal, and the first time we experienced the shoestring fries and their homemade sauces. I tried their brisket and was pleasantly surprised, not that I had any doubts. We hit the road and I drove with my mom for the first few hours so we could bond and my dad could evaluate my car. He's so good to me.

I drove the rest of the way to Portsmouth while singing very loudly to some music. I picked up some groceries before getting to Julie's and being greeted by some very happy dogs. I went for a quick run through downtown Portsmouth and really enjoyed the light and the temperature.

I cooked dinner for Greg and Julie that night (well, Greg cooked the chicken). I made power bowls complete with quinoa, chicken (Greg cooks it so well), roasted brussels sprouts, carrots, and mushrooms, avocado and siracha. It was seriously delicious and I went back for seconds of chicken and brussels. It tasted so nutritious and satisfying. Julie served some wine on the side. Never against having a few glasses with the twin. We both appreciate a good vino.

Relaxing and planning a fun adventure in Portland tomorrow. Very excited to try Duckfat and Holy Donut...stay tuned.